Annotated Bibliography – Juvenile Recidivism

General Guidelines:
Writing 20%
• Bibliography meets APA/Graduate School standards; citations are properly documented in APA format (precisely and accurately).
• Bibliography is organized alphabetically.
• Appropriate terminology it used; writing is clear and concise.
• Proper spelling and grammar is used; sentences are properly constructed.
Content 80%
• The annotated bibliography includes 15 scholarly sources (textbooks, web sites, news articles, and the like can be used but only in addition to 15 scholarly sources).
• Entries include an evaluation of the authority or background of the author and comments on the intended audience; compares or contrasts this work with another work you have cited.
• Entries provide a thorough and clear overview of the article (approximately 150-200 words) with specific information pertaining to the research question(s), methodology, and major findings.
• Sources are thematically similar and it is clear why the source is important to the research paper.
Week 5 Written Assignment Rubric (Annotated Bibliography)
___/20:  Writing/format/APA.
___/10:  Relevance, accuracy, and quality of sources (15).
___/5:  Background on author(s).
___/5:  Intended audience.
___/10:  Compare/contrast.
___/40:  Overview/annotation.
___/10:  Theme.

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Annotated Bibliography – Juvenile Recidivism
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