Annotated Bibliography Critique Essay

1.  Future Trends in Television is an article written by W.F. Wedam which was published as an electronic copy in IEEE explore.  IEEE explore is an online version that provides high quality technical literature in subjects like electrical, engineering and electronics etc.  The article was published in May 1988, Volume 34, Issue 2.

The article speaks about the different trends in technology and also various ideas which are likely to have a great impact on the future of television and other relevant products and services.  The author discusses about different kinds of televisions like signal transmission via satellite, high-definition televisions etc (W.F.Wedam, 1988).

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Annotated Bibliography Critique Essay
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2. Steve Christ has submitted an article to Wealth Daily which speaks about how shows organised for consumer electronics unveil the future technology.
The article was published on 10th January 2008.  The article discusses about the rise and fall of the technology sector.  Despite the fluctuations in the sector, the consumer electronics show that was held in the year 2008 had a very good response.
Almost 3000 electronics and other internet technology companies displayed their innovations in the consumer electronics show at Las Vegas (Christ, 2008).
3. Desirable Future: Consumer Electronics in Tomorrow’s World is a book written by Jack Challoner and published by Wiley publications.  The author initially speaks about the vision of what technology would be in the year 2050.
The author discusses about the technology used in various devices that are popular in today’s world.  The author also speaks about the trends in technology and also the digital revolution (Challoner, 2008).
4. Electronic Business is another book written by Geoffrey Sampson and published by BCS in the year 2008 which is worth discussing in this context.
The book speaks about the link between information technology and today’s business around the globe.  The book discusses about the importance of information technology and also the ways in which IT is developing in order to improve profitability in today’s competitive market (Sampson, 2008).
5. Daniel Greenfield and Simon Moore have written an article titled Implications of Electronic Technology Trends to Algorithm Design.  This was discussed in a conference held at the Imperial College in London in the year 2008.
The authors discuss how the fast developing electronics technology plays a role of many devices including consumer electronics and especially computational devices (Moore, 2008).
6. Digital Design written by Frank Vahid is another book that speaks about the design of modern day’s digital circuits which are the heart of every electronic device.
The book was published by Wiley.  The author of the book presents the information in a logical sequence making it easy to understand.  The author covers the basics of digital technology and their implementation (Vahid, 2006)
7. The future of consumer electronics platforms is an article that was published online and was written by Larry Mittag.  The article was published in embedded .com in the year 2004.
The article speaks about the Great Convergence where the embedded systems are to be connected to the internet and hence going to be transformed in to information appliances.  The consumers are experiencing digitalization according to the author.  The author speaks about the transitions that had taken place in the electronic and technology market (Mittag, 2004).
8. The World Beyond digital Rights Management is a book written by Jude Umeh in the year 2008.  In this book the author speaks about technologies and the mechanisms which secure encrypt and help in the transportation of the digital media material (Umeh, 2008).
9. A recent article that was published in the Consumer Electronics Vision Magazine in the year 2008 talks about the top five technology trends to be observed.
The articles states that the industry of consumer electronics and technology is expected to continuously help boost the economy through increased sales.  This trend is expected due to the impact of trends like software development, consumer technologies business and Consumer GPS services etc ( Consumer Electronics Vision Magazine, 2008).
10. Ian Millington ha recently written a book named Artificial Intelligence for Games.  This was published by Morgan Kauffman (Elsevier).  It is a known fact that computer games have become more and more popular not only among kids but also every youngster.
The author of the book speaks about how artificial intelligence and computer games are linked with each other.  The book is highly structured and simple and easy to understand to all walks of people (Millington).
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