Annotated Bibliography

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Topic: The Wright Brothers and and the use of the airplane in World War I.

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Annotated Bibliography
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Abstract – The summary paragraph describes the topic in a minimum of a paragraph. The paragraph explains the topic and thesis of their final paper.
Paper is well written, engaging, and in narrative form. Quotations are used wisely and sparingly.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSources – The paper includes a minimum of 6 sources This includes 3 secondary sources and 3 primary sources. The sources should be academic based and be relevant to the topic. If your topic is from 1851, one primary source should be a historical New York Times article from the FSW library.

Required sources: Secondary: Minimum of two academic journal articles from the library database, Primary: If your topic is after 1851 one New York Times article required.

Citations APA – The sources should be listed in APA style.
All sources are cited correctly and consistently with the text using APA style. Includes a properly formatted bibliography and cover page.

Organization – The paper should include a cover page, abstract paragraph, and a minimum of six sources. The sources should be listed alphabetically and in APA style.

Argument is clear. Includes supporting facts from reliable sources. Information is well organized as an essay and includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Less than 5% plagiarism. 

Historical Analysis – The topic should reflect a topic in history from 1815 – present. It should be a historical analysis, not a commentary or comparison on today. The topic should reflect on how the individual or event changed the course of history.
Evaluates the historical impact of the topic. Assimilates the materials and provides logical conclusions.


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