Andy warhol

Maria Virgins Art Fundamentals Andy Warhol Born Andrew Warhol on August 6, 1928 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Whorl’s parent’s were Slovakian immigrants. His father, Indore Warhol, was a construction worker and his mother, Julia Warhol, was an embroiderer. They were devout Catholics who attended mass regularly, and maintained much of their Slovakian culture and heritage. At the age of 8, Warhol was diagnosed with Chorea a rare and sometimes fatal disease of the nervous system that left him sick for several months.
It was during these months, while Warhol was sick in bed, that his mother, herself a skillful artist, gave him his first drawing lessons. He passed away on February 22, 1987. Warhol attended Holmes Elementary school and took the free art classes offered at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. Warhol began at Sciences High School, and upon graduating, in 1945, he enrolled at the Carnegie Institute for Technology to study pictorial design. When he graduated with his bachelors in art he moved to new York. s portrait ” untitled from Marilyn Monroe” is basically Just a picture of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is an example of the successful evolution of Whorl’s goal of erasing signs of the artist’s hand from the production process. ” brills boxes”Warhol presented the viewer with exact replicas of commonly used products found in homes and supermarkets. ” self portrait”Whorl’s self portraits that he created throughout his career reveal an underlying theme of performance. By using repetitive images, each slightly different to the next, Warhol produces the illusion of movement.
Andy Warhol was a strange man and that was his gift that brought us a new way of looking at the things, people, the world. He took ordinary things that we were so used to that we didn’t really notice them and from his unusual perspective made them new and interesting and art. His mother influenced him to become an artist because when he contracted his condition she was the one who taught him how to draw when he was bed sick. The first painting of Marilyn Monroe, made me feel like it was true about how when she first had passed away everyone was devastated.

They cried they were sad. He was very successful communicating his message. The second painting of Brills Boxes, it honestly Just looks like carriages. Its nasty and I don’t know why supermarkets would ever have them. He did succeed delivering his message. The last painting of himself, his self portrait was kind of creepy. He may think of himself in a different way but in my perspective I didn’t like that painting

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