Organs of the endocrine system work by synthesizing and secreting chemical messengers called hormones. Together, the endocrine and nervous systems complement one another to maintain nearly every aspect of hemostasis.
Answer all the following questions:

How does antidiuretic hormone (ADH) affect the amount of water in the body, and how does it accomplish this? How does this affect the osmolarity of the blood?
Would blocking aldosterone secretion decrease or increase the amount of water retained from the fluid in the kidneys? Why or why not?
Compare and contrast 3 hormone producing organs within the human body and give specific examples of the hormones they produce as well as the hormone’s target cells, purposes and actions within the body.

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In a single essay, address each question separated with APA level headings, include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. The formatting for your submission is as follows:

Submissions should be in .doc file format.
Support your answers with 4 scholarly resources. Your textbook can be used as well.
Follow APA format, Times New Roman, 12 Font, double spaced.
Be sure to cite all sources appropriately. (See APA guidelines).
An appropriate APA cover page and reference page should accompany your submission.
Please view the evaluation rubric as you will be assessed on adequacy of responses based on the criteria in the rubric. 
Minimal word requirement is 1500 words, 


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