Amway Marketing Max

The amway is the one of the company in the world who is selling the products which are helpful to the people in home in commercical foe personal and many other factor. But in the india ther are so many person who are very poor and he has no house but some person who are rich and his income per month is 14000 they are using the amway products but the others are donot use the amway bproducts because they are satisfy with the other products because they all are using last some years ago so amway products are not very much using in the india if amway some change for his product place and price so ther is possible to increase in the profit.
There are the 4 ps of the company these are as follows Price Place Product and Promotion These are the 4ps of the amway these are common for all the marketing maix for the company. In the amway company 4ps are give the advice for the nutrition food and many other products . Product:- In the amway there are the different types of the products these are as follows. Nutrition and wellness. consulates. home care. personal care. commercial products.
These are the all the amway products but in this ther are the various types just like that Nutrition and wellness * Food supplementary * food * miscellaneous health and fitness Cosmetics * attitude * skin care products Home care * laundry care * apparel care * household cleaners * glass and mettle cares * more……. Personal care * hair care products * oral care products * body and skin care products * family care products * more………. Commercial products * agriculture products the amway company is

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Amway Marketing Max
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