Bamboo is about a system of corruption and oppression brought about by the triangle of power that we are now living In. In the Philippines, the effects of this “triangle” can be vividly seen throughout the country; murders, stolen funds, mistaken identities and poverty-stricken people because of corruption.
The song gives a clearer sound to what the country Is crying for and why the people of this country are suffering and being punished with Injustice every day. People are blinded with the notion that racism Is the enemy and color and birthplace Is the enter for Injustice but we are gravely mistaken because as long as there Is poverty to be seen, and Justice to be given only to the rich and powerful, nothing good will come to our country and to our people.
I am growing up In a country with officials that are like wolves where they stalk on the easiest prey at the blink of an eye, it would surprise me if one of them would do something out of pure charity, “being truly generous” is starting to be extinct, with the way our system is progressing. The true nature of this “triangle” is that it all favors to who is on top and respectively, it all saviors to who is at the bottom and because of this; we are continually being pulled down by our own wrongdoings.

A country that lives with two faces, a face which does everything to help the people, and a face that works in the dark to pull strings in self- favor. I have seen how this triangle works and I can personally say that as time passes, the gap between the top and bottom is starting to distance further, which can mean only one thing; the prosperity of the people and the economy is determined by the battle between the two faces of a nation that thrive in a triangle of power.

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