AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival

AIDS has proved to be among the most serious challenges to mankind’s health in the 21st century. Given its devastating effect in Africa and the fact that a cure for AIDS is still far removed, governments across the world made the fight against the disease their priority.

Innovative methods are observable in Brazilian and Indian societies where authorities act in line with or opposing cultural patterns. Thus, in India the government successfully taps local barbers to talk about AIDS to their clients, reinforcing their sense of worth and respect as folk counselors.

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AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival
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Love of movies offers another vehicle for marketing condoms. In Brazil the anti-AIDS campaigners come to grips with machismo of the local men who leave women with little bargaining power to insist on the use of condoms.
The efforts to market condoms to population have proved effective, raising awareness of AIDS dangers and role of condoms in prevention of the deadly infection.
The US situation is vastly different from that of Brazil and India and thus requires different marketing methods. The absolute majority of Americans have no financial problem with buying condoms, and women have a lot more clout to insist on their use.
At the same time, sex out of marriage is less of a sin in the liberal American culture, especially among younger generation, which makes it easier for person to have multiple partners.
As for campaigning, Americans are less prone to believe things they see on the screen or hear from a counselor, since in the culture of excessive marketing people at a certain age develop a sort of immunity to public messages. For this reason, Brazilian and Indian methods would not work as well for the US.
London International Group correctly focuses on its role in the prevention of AIDS. To strengthen this message, the company could launch courses at schools or colleges that would include just a few sessions, promoting the knowledge of the infection and the way condoms can fend off the danger.
Alternatively, the company can sponsor the production of documentaries about AIDS and its victims.
Case 4-7. AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival.


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