Agile Lean

The Department of Insurance is an agency of Pennsylvania state government. One of the department’s functions is to review, approve, and issue licenses to insurance agents and to approve new types of insurance products that can be offered to consumers.  The mission of the Bureau of Licensing is –
To license producers and provide extraordinary customer support. 
 The Secretary of the department is not satisfied with the bureau’s operations which include such tasks as processing applications and fees (review and entry of forms), responding to inquiries, contacts with other entities, issuing a license and related documentation, and having a satisfied customer. The Secretary wants to see improvements in decreasing licensing processing time, increasing licensing accountability to stakeholders, equalizing workload within the bureau, enhancing customer service, decreasing customer phone calls, decreasing legislative correspondence and calls, reducing overtime, and decreasing work backlogs.            
 You are tasked by the Secretary to create the needed changes to enable the Bureau of work in a more Lean  fashion.  You quickly realize this will not be easy.  You decide your first step is to create a Lean Canvas.  In this assignment you are to create a Lean Canvas for this effort.  You are to create the canvas – include each of the key elements associated with a Lean Canvas and describe how you will address each one. 

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Agile Lean
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