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select one of the products described in the eco-audit case  study in Chapter   8 of your textbook (e.g., cups, grocery bags, electric kettle).  Using the data   in the textbook from the eco-audit, additional data from Chapter  15 (as   necessary), and any additional resources that you find helpful, prepare a    pollution prevention audit for the product that you have selected. Base your P2    audit on the steps shown in the Unit III Lesson. 
You do not need to use all of the P2 audit steps shown in  the Unit III   Lesson, but use at least three major steps from each phase (a major  step being   Step 5 rather than Step 5.1). Since you will not be using all of the  steps   shown in the Unit Lesson, you may re-number them if you wish so that your    audit  proceeds sequentially without skipping numbers. Your audit should  include  an  introductory paragraph explaining both the purpose of a P2 audit  and the  reasons  for including the steps that you have selected. 
Your case study must be at least two full pages in length.  All sources used,   including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and  quoted material   must have accompanying citations. All references and citations  used must be in   APA style. The introduction should be formatted in paragraph  form, and the   steps can be formatted as a list. 

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