Adolescence Is the Unhappiest Time in Most People?S Lives

Adolescence is the unhappiest time in most people? s lives Most people agrees that adolesece may be the hardest time in most people’s life . Just like every period of life, being adolescent can be a pretty rough time. Some people says it is the unhappiestime, while other says it is the most happiest time in our life. but not everyone agrees that is the unhappiest time. So is the adolecense the unhappiest time in most people’s lives? , I’m going to talk about the arguments for and against this statement and give my own opinion.
It is true that adolesence is a very hard age, may be the hardest. Firstly because, is the time in wich the person is growing up, and has to get used to have more responsabilities. Also, there are some people that think this is because the adolecent are more sensitive than older or younger people and this is a reazon why to get upset for very silly razons. And, finally, some people thinks this is because, the adolecents aren’t as free as they wished to be, and this make them want to pass this part of their lives quicker.
However, there are some people that desagree with this statement, and one of the mainly arguments is that is a very happy time for people because they don’t have to worry about the resoult of their actions because they don’t have as many responsabilities as they will have later when they get older. Another argument against this is that they, normaly, have more free time, and less stress. a time when they begin to discover who they are, they are becoming more independent, they are establishing friendships, and their bodies start developing. For many, entering into puberty can be a very emotional, stressful, confusing, and frightening time.

Some make the change from childhood into adolescence with only a few minor problems, others however, may have a more difficult time handling the pressures and some may develop eating disorders as a way to cope. Some may enter into puberty early and be subjected to teasing by their peers. Many fear the weight that is gained during this time is permanent, will panic, and desperately try to take the weight off. They are not aware that once the physical changes during this time cease, their weight will usually stable off and go to their bodies natural set point, without the need for dieting.

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Adolescence Is the Unhappiest Time in Most People?S Lives
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