A Remarkable Person Out of Class

A Remarkable Person Out of Class Mr. Lo is a remarkable person because of his engaging personality and his dedication to his job. Mr. Lo is the best supervisor I have ever had. He really cares about students in the cram school not just for the money. Lo is not only a supervisor but also a combination of teacher and friend for students. He always encourages students to study hard not only in class but by sending text messages. Although his cell phone is too old to send messages to everyone at one time he still sends all greeting messages to every student in holidays one by one.
Mr. Lo has worked in education institution for decades therefore he knows the common problems that high school students may have. Moreover, he is a wise and reliable man so students are willing to share their personal problems with him. He always gives students useful advice and helps them solve the problems they encounter. One thing that impresses me the most is that Lo gets along with students well no matter how good or how poor their grades are. I think he treats some so-called “bad students” as his own son.
He asks some students to live with him on weekends six months before the entering exam for university in order to make them study and motivate them. Besides, he even makes midnight snacks for the students for example fried rice, noodles…and so on. To sum up, Mr. Lo is a remarkable person because he does his best to help students with their school work and personal life. Moreover; he cares about all his students and treats them equally. That is to say, he is the best supervisor I have ever had.

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A Remarkable Person Out of Class
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