A person I would like to become

Everybody goes about life being whatever he is or doing whatever he is supposed to be, but in the heart of hearts, everyone has a longing – a longing to be someone else other than being himself.
‘What do you want to be’ is an often-asked question. If I were to be asked whom I want to be, at least for as brief a time as one day, my answer would be Mother Teresa.
Mother Teresa’s life is what I would call a perfect life. To leave one’s own country and people and go to a totally alien county at a tender age to serve the underprivileged people requires tremendous strength and faith. Mother Teresa was an embodiment of purity, love, and selflessness.

Mother Teresa, as everyone knows, had to endure a lot of tribulations because she started from absolutely nothing.  Yet her love and compassion for the poor and neglected made her stick to her task. Nobody can imagine the strength and determination housed in the fragile body. She was a blessed soul with a vision, and it was her faith in God and humanity that kept her going ahead with her noble task. It is a boon to even know her. So, if there is one person who I would want to be, then without any doubt, it would be Mother Teresa.
Even at the peak of her popularity, Mother Teresa was simple and modest.  That a person can still be so simple in the midst of all the popularity baffles me. Her life had a purpose.  Mother Teresa has made the lives of countless people worth living.  Known also as “Saint of the Gutters,” Mother Teresa started an order of nuns, the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta and the strength grew from 12 sisters to over 3000 in just 50 years.
To see God in all His creation, especially the poor, the underprivileged, the neglected, is something very rare, and it is this rarity in her which inspired me all the more, and I would embrace any opportunity to be Mother Teresa, at least for a brief  period.

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A person I would like to become
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The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Memorial page, [Electronic Version] Retrieved on June 4, 2005, from http://www.catholic.net


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