A Computer Nerd

A computer Nerd- solution to the problem of computer addiction. The computer is becoming the daily feature of our lives. Some people have displaced their work, school, friends and even family by the computer. When too much time is spent in front of the computer screen that people may be caught in an addiction which replaces the importance of life with the Internet. Computers are bad for our health and decrease attachments with our true life.
Serious attempts have to be made to eradicate this problem. One of solutions could be increasing awareness of possible consequences of overusing computer.People should focus their attention on ways in which they can use the computer as a tool for help not for ‘breathing’. Sitting in front of the monitor for many hours is very harmful for our eyes, backbone and the cardiovascular system . Besides, computer is also known as a ‘thief of time’ who steals our time and makes us alienated. People should be aware of the fact that living without the computer is possible and healthier. Another way to combat with this problem would be to find a new, exciting hobby.
There are many possible ways to spend our free time. For example we can go to the gym and do a lot of exercises which help us to keep fit and lower the work pressure. Additionally, people should spent more time with their families or friends who can control them in some way. People who are computer addicts must take care of physical and mental condition, because they will miss the best periods of their life. An alternative way to deal with the computer addiction could be a professional treatment of psychologists and other specialists.People are generally afraid of asking for help and they are trying to handle with the problem on their own, but it usually does not bring positive effects. Specialists have the sufficient knowledge to solve this problem and they are willing to help.

If appropriate steps will be taken by the addicts the result will be positive. To sum up, there are several measures which could be taken to overcome the problem of computer addiction. These measures could help not only individuals but whole families that are not able to overcome the problem independently.

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A Computer Nerd
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