7Page Research Paper On “A Doll’s House”

Research Paper on “A Doll’s House” 7PAGES 

Choose a common theme such as marriage, death, conflict, male/female relationships, reality vs. illusion, freedom/oppression, or justice, and use that theme to analyze the topic using A Doll’s House with a debatable, analytical thesis statement with key points. 
Additional options for topics are available below. Locate at least three academically valid sources to support the main points in your essay. This essay must be formatted using MLA Style and contain a Works Cited page. The expected length is approximately six to seven pages.
Remember, your analysis also needs to include the following elements:

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7Page Research Paper On “A Doll’s House”
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An introduction with thesis      statement; a body of points explored; and a conclusion.
Close reading of passages from the      play to support your analysis.
Three secondary sources to further      reinforce your points.
Development and organization of      analysis within 5-7 pages.
Clear grammar and style.
Adherence to MLA format.
A Works Cited page, not your      annotated bibliography.



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