500 words x2

How has your Cultural Intelligence evolved over the past number of weeks (knowledge, skills, mindfulness)? To what extent did the journey open new windows for you to view all that encompass culture – meaning, values, orientations, communication styles, and norms that you believe differentiate the cultural group that you belong to from those of others?
How do your own cultural orientations influence your assumptions, perceptions and/or reactions in intercultural interactions or in viewing other-culture behavior? Make reference to specific experiences you had on this journey while working on the throughout the semester, with your classmates.
What have you learned or experienced during the 3 team sessions, activities and assignments?
What is one significant learning from the Foundations Program that you could transfer to the International Hotel Management?
One significant learning from the Foundations Program you will try to develop during this course?
How do you define teamwork within the context of this course?
What have you learned about the critical components of Team or Group Process?
How does culture or intercultural communication play a role in what you have learned?
Your most significant ‘take away’ from the BAIHM 360 team experience?
How will this learning inform your next team experience?

APA/ 500 words each/ 2 references each from book

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