3 Discussion Questions

1.You are to assume the role of  a salesperson for the CanDo Laptop  Company selling laptops to a small firm that wants to equip its  salesforce with laptop computers. Previous meetings with the buyer  indicate that its salespeople need laptops tht are eay to transport and allow salespeople to show multimedia segments during a sales dialogue. CanDo laptops excel in each of these areas.
Identify one sales aid to use for each confirmed benefit and explain how the sales aid would be used during a sales dialogue.

Envision yourself in an interview situation.
In your initial post address:
1- List and discuss objections recruiters might raise during an  interview and develop and describe strategies for overcoming each.
2- List on strategy for gaining the recruiter’s commitment (to either offer the job or give you a second interview).

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3 Discussion Questions
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Review the seven teamwork skills  and then consider a time within the past year where work or class  required you to work as part of a team. Based on your reflections,  address the following questions in your initial discussion post.
1- Which of the seven teamwork skills did you apply?
2- How did they impact you and the team?
3- Which of the seven teamwork skills did they not apply? How did not applying these skills negatively impact you and the team?


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