2nd part of final group work

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Objectives -relating to:

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2nd part of final group work
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 Key audiences
 market share
 cause relationship, etc.

Financial Objectives and Projections
Target Market – Who are your market segments and how will you break them down? Include geographic, demographics and behavioral factors as well as any other insights you feel are needed.  
Brand positioning statement – provide the best possible  concept  
 Brand strategy:

 How will you ensure your brand and its value proposition is communicated?
What Brand elements will you employ and how? 

Marketing Tactics

Product Overview – Define all aspect of the product from what it is, to where it will be produced, to high-end benefits and customer value proposition for this product for consumers. How is product differentiated from its competition?
Place – where sold?

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy 

 Key MARCOM strategy you will use to accomplish business/marketing goals. 
Key tactics you will employ to accomplish objectives/goals that include five of the following eight tactics: 
Advertising  – Overview of why this specific campaign and creative was chosen and justification for how it will be the best choice to generate attention and reception and activate purchase. Differentiate yourself. Do remarkable marketing. 
Sales Promotion
Database Marketing
Direct Marketing  (Interactive electronic media, social media, viral marketing, direct mail, inbound telemarketing (TV ad directs consumer to toll-free number), outbound telemarketing (sales calls directly to consumers, infomercial or home shopping networks. Employ as many of these tools as you feel necessary but no less than two.
Mobile Marketing
On-line and Social Media Marketing
Special Events and Experiences
Personal Selling

These 3 big piont is my part. need 8 pages. Due Dec 2nd.
And the product website:  

refrence on each sentence.


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