244 D

You are a member of the senior management team at your company. At the upcoming senior management retreat, the emotionally charged topic will be whether to keep or eliminate the company’s executive perks for sending executives to work overseas. You currently enjoy all of these perks in your management role.

· Company cars
· Company paid cell phones
· Personal financial planning
· Executive Dining Room
· First class air travel
· Free travel for spouses on extended trips
· Sign-up bonuses
· Stock options
· Country club memberships
· Large expensively furnished offices
. International perks for expatriates
 . Cost of living allowance
 . Overseas premium
 . Hardship allowance
 . Housing Deduction
 . Children’s education

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244 D
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What course of action will benefit the company in the long-term – eliminating all perks, retaining all perks, or eliminating some perks while keeping others?

Explain the reasoning for your decision and if you choose the last option (eliminating some perks while keeping others), explain why you decided to keep some perks over those you eliminated. Please click on reply and type in your thoughts.  Then respond to one of your classmates.  This assignment counts 10 points.


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