The writing that already wrote about the project is attached below (called: research proposal memo). To understand everything and the subject, you need to read the problem statement below(StatementA, StatementB, Question). The topic of this project is “whether or not and why to develop more environmentally “safe” in cities public transportation like electric-powered passenger rail systems or buses”. I have put the professor’s comments on what should be improved and that is what I want you to fix. But to fix it you will have to figure at least 5 sources about this topic. And the comments the professor gave me is easy work and it’s going to be provided below. And it is shown which sections should be improved. And they are just two (Background section and purposed tasks section) and you’ll have to add the schedule chart (The Gantt Chart will be attached for the schedule chart)  and the references in ACS style American chemical society.  I will also attach the guidance of doing the assignment just in case you want to give it a look.  

Professor’s comments:

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*** background 
Your Background section needs to provide more specific and authoritative (or official) information about, for example, (1) how bad the pollution and traffic problems are, (2) how much the traffic congestion and pollution problems have grown during the past twenty-five years, (3) how much the population has increased, (4) and the outlook about how much worse the conditions are going to become in the next ten years or so if nothing is done about the problem.  You must cite sources of good information.

*** Purposed tasks section 
The Proposed Tasks section needs to be re-created as a set of steps or phases you are going to complete.  The Lecture Document explains exactly what to do, so use that for guidance.  And here, too, you must cite sources to show me that you have in fact located some relevant, useful, published articles about the ways that electric-powered public transportation can both (1) serve the needs of the populations of these cities, so that the people can rely on the new public transportation enough to reduce how much they drive personal vehicles, and (2) reduce the amount of pollution (China burns coal to generate most of the electricity that the cities use, so powering all of those public transportation vehicles means the cities/regions need to burn even more coal, UNLESS the cities/regions are developing more renewables or using more nuclear energy—so you probably need to address this eventuality).

*** schedule chart 
THEN, you need to produce a Schedule section where you introduce a schedule chart (in the form of a Gantt chart) to show the plan for your research and writing work between now and May 10.
Make sure that you refer to the sources appropriately within the text of the Research Proposal Memo AND on the list of References at the end of it.


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