2 page paper due in 36 hours

The Application of the Saul Alinsky Approach
The Industrial Areas Foundation of Saul Alinsky has been referred to numerously in community organization.  Review the Saul Alinsky, Community Organizing and Rules for Radicals (Links to an external site.) article, research the roots of this method, and then discuss its application of “the ends justify the means” in today’s economy.  Address whether this theory is still applicable.  Why or why not?  Under what circumstances?  Provide a specific example to illustrate your perspective.  Prepare a two- to- three page paper (excluding title and reference pages) with a minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years, in APA format.

Required Reading

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2 page paper due in 36 hours
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Read from the text, Human Services: Contemporary Issues and Trends:

Chapter 17: Human Services and Criminal Justice
Chapter 18: Policy, Politics, and Human Services
Chapter 19: Community Organizing as Human Service
Chapter 21: Americans with Disabilities
Chapter 22: Legal Foundations in Human Services
Chapter 23: Law, Ethics, and the Human Service Worker        

Seal, Mike. (2008). Saul Alinsky, community organizing and rules for radicals (Links to an external site.). The Encyclopedia of Informal Education. Retrieved from http://www.infed.org/thinkers/alinsky.htm

Recommended Reading

American Psychological Association. (2013). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct, including 2010 amendments (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx
American Psychiatric Association. (2010). The principles of medical ethics with annotations especially applicable to psychiatry 2013 edition (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from http://www.psychiatry.org/practice/ethics/resources-standards/ethics (Links to an external site.)
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). (n.d.). Domestic violence statistics: Prevalence of domestic violence (Links to an external site.).  Retrieved from https://ncadv.org/statistics

I am re-posting the following to make sure you understand the following.

All papers should be in the APA format and have a separate title page and a separate reference page.  If the paper is to be 2-3 pages long, then you should have a 2-3 page paper in addition to a title page and a reference page.  For help with the APA format, please see the Purdue Owl website http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ or ask me.

I am sending to everyone in the class via email as well as putting this as an annoucment. I have sent your week 1 papers back to you. Please read the comments on the paper and if I included a Turnitin report, please read it. You cannot use someones words as your own. Please be aware of the plagiarism policy of Ashford University. Go to the Ashford University writing center to get help with your writing. They have great resources to help you.
Also, please do not list sources if you are not using them in your paper. In addition to running every paper through Turnitin, I check the sources against your paper. Check your grammar and sentence structure.
I try to be more lentient the first week, but I do expect you to read the comments. If you don’t, it is apparent in the next week paper.


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