17 slides

For this assignment, the student will create a Power Point Presentation on a cultural group.
Pick a cultural or religious group (different from yours) that you commonly encounter at workplace. You can select a group discussed in Chapter 1 of Pozgar or a different group. Research the answers to the following…

Title Slide with your name (1 slide)
Health beliefs and practices (1-2 slides)
Family patterns (1 slide)
Communication style (1-2 slides)
Space orientation (1-2 slides)
Time orientation (1-2 slides)
Nutritional Patterns (1-2 slides)
Pain Responses (1-2 slides)
Childbirth and perinatal care (1-2 slides)
Death and Dying (1-3 slides)
Spirituality, religion, and faith (include holy days) (1-2 slides)
Prayer and meditation (1-2 slides)
What knowledge did you gain about this group that you were not aware of? (2-3 slides)
Identify at least two ethical healthcare issues might arise when caring for this cultural group? (2-3 slides)
Reference slides (1-2 slides)

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17 slides
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For this section, insure information is referenced and cited in your slides. The presentation should start with a title slide and end with a reference slides. At least 2 references are required for this assignment. If you include pictures, your pictures should also be referenced and cited.


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